A Wedding, Two Lunches and a Graduation

These are betwixt and between days, a medley of time at home and one-offs, like the wedding we attended in Bloomsbury.  One of Nick’s former fishing customers generously invited us to the wedding reception of his son.  This gave us an insight into Turkish customs on such occasions, and will be memorable on a number of fronts, not least the dancing which took place and the novel method of paying the live band: all eligible young ladies performed versions of a shimmy in pairs, as guests showered them with dollars which would find their way into the pockets of the musicians.

Then there was lunch with Jane at The Elm Tree in Langton Herring a couple of days later, followed by a short drive to Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Garden where we looked at the plants for sale in the small nursery.  They have a good selection of Salvia –all in flower – which are staples for my gardening schemes.

The Watsonia are flowering just now.  They are part of the iris family, bulbs which send up a tall spike of flowers in hues of pink and orange.  They are more slender than Gladioli which seem to have replaced them in popularity.  But the Watsonia are more graceful, the florets more subtle.  I need to create a place for them in St Vaast so I resisted the temptation this time.  But I did buy two rather unusual plants, a departure for me in that they are succulents.  Their morphology and colouration reminds me of marine organisms: sea anemones, or algae perhaps.  The genus is Echeveria and the two I bought – Mauna Loa and lilacina should look well in the kitchen.

Over tea and carrot cake Jane and I wrote cards for forthcoming birthdays and anniversaries.

The following day found me rising early and driving to Guildford for a dental appointment.  Afterwards I drove to Bramley where I met my very good friend Esme for a bit of lunch in the recently-opened Wine Bar – Bistro ‘Hollyhocks’.  There over a small glass of wine and seared scallops on parsnip puree, with salad, we caught up on news and hatched a plan to take the Orient Express to Venice in 2012.  Based on shared time spent in the recent years that we have known Esme and her husband, I think the trip is destined to be a lot of fun.

Later that day I met up with my Godalming Book Group, at least we were a quorum of five.  We talked about our recent read, ‘Trespass’ by Rose Tremain, then moved on to other books we have been reading, or are planning to read.  Appropriately I took delivery of one of Christine’s sculptures which completes a trio of her work.  The new one is a kneeling young girl and is called ‘The Story’.

And so to a milestone in the life of Ted who starts ‘big school’ in September.  With summer holidays looming, all the children who will leave at the end of the summer took part in a ‘graduation’ ceremony, held at the neighbouring church, during which they sang songs, received a certificate and small prize, then threw their mortar boards in the air before repairing to the hall for tea.  By request, Charlotte, Demi and I accompanied Ted to Pizza Express, after stopping off at the toy-shop for a graduation gift.  Quite a day in a young life.