Coffee with Hilary – Canvas update

On my way to Cornwall for Stella’s funeral I stop by to see our painter friend who lives near Whimple.  She is working on two canvasses, portraits of the rear elevations and garden at our French home.  It’s a couple of months since I saw the two pictures and there is more paint on the canvas and the colours are gorgeous.  The two views are representations of the house in early morning and early evening lights.

Hilary gives me coffee and lovely biscuits and then I must get underway because I need to call at Cornwall Gold before Stella’s funeral.  There I will drop off 4 short gold chains and the heavy gold necklace Nick gave me on the occasion of his Retirement party on the Silver Barracuda on the River Thames twenty years ago.

Hilary just asks me to take a few photos for her working portfolio.   I step out of her tiny kitchen into her small courtyard and cross to her studio which is not much more than a shed which has been made secure as a working space for a painter.  IMG_6121 (2)40.jpgSuch marvels she produces from this bijou artist’s domain.

IMG_6106 (2)40IMG_6109 (2)40



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