My First Demonstration

I am not sure that it is to my credit that I have waited until my 70th year to take part in a rally.  This reflects though, the fact that I have been politically ignited by the vote to leave the EU last June.  I cannot begin to rehearse the emotions I have experienced since that tragic day.  How many hours have I got to spend at the screen writing about it?  It is only very recently that I have woken in the morning without the predicament that the UK finds itself in being the first thing on my mind.  So it is little surprise to me that I should feel compelled to join the Unite for Europe march in London on March 25th.  This is the day before Nick and I fly out to South Africa with our family to spend three weeks visiting the place of birth of our son-in-law.


Armed with bunches of daffodils to lay in Parliament Square following the terrorist incident outside the Houses of Parliament a few days before, and sporting blue and yellow garments and beanie I have knitted specially for the occasion, Nick find ourselves on Godalming station platform waiting for a train.  There is one other group of four people who are evidently going to London for the same purpose.  During the journey by train and underground to Hyde Park I am not overwhelmed by evidence of many other people who have the same destination in mind.  Emerging at Green Park however, I immediately connect with some of my fellow Admins from the 48% Facebook page and it is good to flshe out the faces of those names with whom I have been working in the virtual world of social media these past months. IMG_6772 We make our way to a meeting point by one of the big London hotels in Park Lane.  Marc Davies is a marshall, EP has brought a huge banner which Nick ends up hefting with him.

We marched to Parliament Square and I will always remember the amazing atmosphere of the warm, friendly and determined solidarity of Remainers.  _95316662_mediaitem95316661And the charming policemen and women I stopped to thank for keeping a watchful eye over the assembled.

It is believed that in excess of 100,000 people took part that day.  By the time the first marchers had arrived at Parliament Square the back end of the march had not even left Park Lane.  IMG_5573We listened to impassioned speeches by such luminaries as David Lammy, Peter Tatchell, Alastair Campbell, Tim Farron, Nick Clegg…..

Such marches have several functions the principal one being to make a manifestation (to use the French word) to the powers that be.  Just important for me though is that such an occasion strengthens the resolve to fight Brexit all the way.


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