To Market

I wake early and sneak ashore as noiselessly as I can to visit the showerblock.  Only Rachel opens one eye to acknowledge my presence.  She of the blue eyes and golden existence has a venerable 16 years under her belt and travels with her owners frequently.  She has various nests aboard and when the boat is under way she shares Fefe’s ‘fauteuil’, draping herself over the arm.  blogIMG_4379 (2).jpgI think she must find this most comfortable – I wonder if it stops her experiencing motion sickness.  Rejoining the boat I settle at the galley table to write and she joins me in a moment of acceptance.  As the others rise in their own time a cafetiere of coffee is made and we chew on a tartine of Pave with salty butter.

It is Market Day.  After a morning swim it is time to see what all the stalls have to offer.  Fefe has already gone ahead to buy fruit and salad-stuffs.  As you walk along the promenade the array of ‘marchandises’ is colourful and varied. blogIMG_4393 (2) In addition to the usual purveyors of produce,  charcuterie and clothing accessories, I am taken by the stall which sells only sun-dried tomatoes, the Paella stall and my favourite is the spice-seller.blogIMG_4404 (2)


blogIMG_4402 (2) You smell this stall long before you see it and here I find both black and yellow mustard seeds.

By the time we rejoin the boat it is time to think about lunch, which is the principal meal of the day.  Fefe cooks some rice and I warm the Vindaloo.  We eat it with a shallot and fresh mint chutney and a spicy aubergine confit that Fefe bought from a vendor of eastern European products at the small market in the marina.

After lunch Francois and Nick take ‘Till’ out of the marina and head east along the coast.  There is a fair chop and we run through a speedboat race taking place not far from the harbour entrance, past a small French warship of sorts and then out into open water and towards a yacht regatta which is taking place out of St Tropez.  The sails are put up and the boat dips and rises over the sea at a fair lick.  Fefe and I read, chat, nails are groomed.  Every now and then there is some activity when the rigging is adjusted.  Nick and Francois have in effect put each other through their paces.  They have shared several fishing expeditions out of our home port and they now understand each other’s competences when it comes to boating under sail.

Back at Frejus it is definitely wine time and we enjoy moules marinieres, prawns, celeri remoulade, grated carrot, tomato and cucumber salads……….. with a knob of cheese for those who are desirous.


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