Une Balade aux Ils Lérins

I’m awake early after a few sound hours of sleep.  Our cabin is pretty tiny and we will need to be imaginative and inventive in finding places to stow our belongings.  But it is managed and with this task achieved I feel we have moved onboard.

With a tartine for breakfast out of the way we go ashore to use the washing facilities.  Féfé has an appointment with her hairdresser, François joins Nick and me for a swim off the beach at Fréjus.  There are some endoskeletons of Velella on the tideline but no splashes of violet to indicate that their prey are about.  It would be fun to find a few Janthina shells on this holiday, no other souvenirs would be required….. except happy memories.

The swim is good and Fefe joins us at the beach before we return to ‘Till’ for lunch.  After we must stock up on supplies from the supermarket.  Originally the intention was to set sail for Corsica on this day but the weather for an 18-hour crossing is not clement so we are going to run along the coast to anchor off les Iles Lérins. blog-Dolphins We are five living beings on the boat, not forgetting the ship’s cat, Rachel the Siamese.  blog-shipscatAs we leave Fréjus marina and head out to sea we are thrilled to see the tell-tale splashing and flash of dark curvaceous shapes which suggests that dolphins are about.  François steers the boat towards the activity which in the end we realise is taking place all around us.  As we reach the headland where we will turn east to sail along the coast our last sighting is of a large pair, cavorting in tandem.  It is a sight to warm the heart.  We motor for some two and a half hours, passing at one point a stretch of coast at the headland of Dramont in the heart of the Esterel Massif, where the lithology is a startling red, the colour of rocks rich in oxidised iron.  Juxtaposed is a reef of distinct green rocks at sealevel.  I will need to search the internet to try and find out what is going on there geologically.

We find an anchorage in the strait between the two islands: Saint-Honorat and Sainte-Marguerite.  I had hoped for a second swim of the day but not long after dropping our anchor we find ourselves in the middle of a startling thunderstorm with forks of lightning streaking down around us.  In the sanctuary of the saloon we survey the scene and tuck into supper which we have ordered from ‘Catamaran Pizza’, a floating purveyor of cooked-to-order pizza.  A long day and late night catch up with me.  I am asleep by 22.00h and will sleep for a good nine hours.








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