Gardening Notes

With a view to temporary abandonment of my gardens I have been scurrying around dealing with the largest and most persistent weeds, and have been taking remedial and cosmetic steps to keep things looking pretty.   There has been enough rain in the most recent weeks to ensure lushness and healthy green growth.  Now, more and more splashes of colour are appearing around the borders.

I’ve had pickings of sorrel, globe artichokes and rhubarb.  Last year’s runner bean seeds which Nick happened upon in the workshop have germinated.  There are loads of figs on the tree – surely enough for us and the greedy blackbird who sets up residence.  There is a reasonable crop of gooseberries.  Nick and I cannot agree whether to pick them whilst unripe to freeze for pies and the like.  I fear the wood pigeons will steal a march on us.

All in all things must take their chance.  I’ve taken a few photos so we can see how things are looking in three weeks’ time….