A Jolly Long Walk, and a Windy One

Our days are measured at St Vaast and we find ourselves at the Easter weekend with no commitments.  True we have a 5 o’clock rendez-vous with our friends, the Tailles, on Easter Saturday and that is a very convivial interlude.  Otherwise we have things to be getting on with at the house, but I do decide that I must tackle a longish walk.  Nick prefers to stay and get on with garden projects so I wrap up warm and sally forth after lunch on Sunday.  My plan is to cut through to the seafront by the Lerminez house then walk to Pont de Saire, and round to Pointe de Saire and then turning north to walk up to Le Dranguet.  So far so good.  Just past the bridge I can access the top of the beach which takes me to the point, past all the beachfront houses with gardens that roll down to the shore.  There are banks of the Mesanbreanthemum plants with their carmine pink or creamy white flowers.  It is a very windy day so kite-surfers are out in force.  And once I get to the headland and turn towards Le Dranguet there are plenty of Easter Sunday walkers and their dogs.

Once at Le Dranguet I must turn and head for home.  This is tough because I am now walking into the wind all the way.  The final stretch along the beach road after the bridge is particularly taxing and I am tired.  When I get back to 104 I have walked 12.5km and it has taken some 2 hours 40 minutes.  Without the company of a fellow being I have been listening to my current Audible ‘read’, At The Edge of the Orchard’ by Tracy Chevalier, which I finish.  Happily it has a very satisfactory ending.  Now to write it up for my reading journal………




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