Charlie’s Great Fat Vehicle Weekend

Over the last weekend in February Charlie came to stay.  This was to be his special weekend; as the youngest of four he so often goes with the flow.  We planned some events which featured vehicles; from his youngest days he has showed a great liking for cars.

Day 1.  A meeting of the Conchological Society at NHM in Cromwell Road summons me to London.  Nick and Andrew have colluded to give Charlie his own offroading experience in Andrew’s field by the Hardy Monument.  What better treat could a 9-year old boy have than to drive a Hi-Lux truck round a large field?

DSC00051 - Copy (2) DSC00058 - Copyblog DSC00056 - blog

Whilst they are there they have some nice wildlife encounters including the sighting of a barn owl abroad in full daylight and some Sika deer which are disturbed by the dogs Teddy and Flossie.

DSC00080 - Copy DSC00076 - Copy DSC00084 - Copy

The morning’s activities are rounded off with fish and chips out of the paper in Maddy’s kitchen at The Old Schoolhouse.  Afterwards Andrew chauffeured Charlie on a circuitous route back to TOW in his Mercedes convertible.

DSC00098 - Copy DSC00100 - Copy DSC00103 - Copy

Day 2.  On Sunday we piled into the car and drove to Norden Station near Corfe Castle to take a 12 mile round trip on Swanage Steam Railway.

DSC00114 - Copy DSC00106 - Copy

This is probably one of the most expensive railway journeys you can make in this country!  We installed ourselves in the refreshment car and settled down to enjoy a ride at a stately pace down to Swanage.  Upon arrival we did not leave the station because we planned to have our lunch at The Greyhound in our village.  Instead we bought some postcards and a treat for Charlie in the gift shop and boarded the train for the return.  Back in WK we ate our lunch, packed Charlie’s bag and drove to Cholsey where he rejoined his siblings who had had a North Farm weekend, and Claire and Carl who had just got back from a week in Portugal.  Nick and I will now have to put our thinking caps on for themed weekends to suit each of JAS.


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