Scallops Galore and a Lamb

No sooner back in St Vaast than we find ourselves the beneficiaries of neighbourly goodwill.  We had forgotten that we had placed an order for scallops with Georgy.  So when he turned up on our doorstep on Wednesday morning with a 10 kilo sack of Coquilles St Jacques, it was a matter of laying the tasks that were in hand to one side, in order to shuck aromatically delicious contents of the classically famous and familiar fan-shaped shells.  That’s a lot of round white clammy muscles with the curved orange roes attached.  Stowed in the frozen food bank which is our freezer, they will be drawn down from time to time to be chased around the pan with various of garlic, ginger, chilli, lardons, white wine ….

The following day Nick drove out to the Daniell residence to assist in the butchery of our lamb.  He returned with a crate of meat which we also bagged up and laid down in the ice box.  We have enough protein for months…….

For me the current slot at St Vaast will necessarily be a short one but before I board my ferry we are invited to lunch chez Taille where Francois cooks his divine St Jacques en Croute.  As a special treat he seals two scallops with some shavings of truffle and shreds of carrot into a shell and encases the whole in flaky pastry.  Just leaving a window in the upper surface to allow you to view what you have in store and admire the shell.  At the end of the first week of December I must return to England because I have special birthday celebrations to prepare for.



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