At the end of November we have a very special date in London.  We board the ferry for a long weekend in the UK, getting back in time for me to catch a bridge date with my fellow Winterborne debutantes, dinner with Maddy and Andrew and on Sunday morning Nick and I pile into our car and drive to South Kensington.  We park at Imperial College and walk through to the Royal Albert Hall.

Our granddaughters Lola and Ruby are going to join a choir of some 1400 schoolchildren from schools scattered around the country to sing The Scratch Youth Messiah. I have sung in a Scratch Messiah myself, many years ago at Guildford Town Hall.  It is a wonderful experience to join a large chorus to sing inspirational works.  You need no religious belief to, nevertheless, find yourself uplifted and spiritually moved.  We have seats in the circle and are able to move to a spot where we can gaze down on our two young singers and are able to attract their attention in the interval.  Emma’s father has joined us and I like that, although the five of us are culturally from different faiths, we are joined in the exhilaration of the occasion.

We celebrate the special moment with dinner at a restaurant before Nick and I return to Winterborne K to spend a day at the Old Workshop before boarding a ferry for Cherbourg


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