A Quinky Inky Sea

On Thursday morning I wake early and sit in the cockpit with my novel.  I must make the most of this experience; tomorrow we will be getting up early to be driven to the airport for our flight home.  A swim off the little improvised beach is also to be enjoyed; it is the penultimage sea swim I will enjoy in 2015.

Nick and Mike have spotted a café which offers coffee and croissants as a breakfast bargain.  Blog-BreakfastAtMaslinica Blog-MilnaBrekWe sit at a table in the sunshine and I drink the view in.  My choice is a ‘cheese pie’ which satisfies my liking for a cooked savoury breakfast.  Before we let our moorings go, the boat is thoroughly hosed down.  We have a short passage to Trogir to make.  The sea is smooth and a deeply mysterious dark blue.  I think of ink.

We find a suitable anchorage in an uninhabited cove with a ruin at Razetinovac for a swim and our salad in the cockpit. Blog-Swimmer Arriving at Trogir mid-afternoon Mike’s connections and pre-booking allow us to tie up along the town quay.  Carolyn and I go ashore, principally in search of a yummy brand of 3D crisps that we have been enjoying with our evening drinks.  We have tried supermarkets wherever we have encountered the opportunity but to no avail, and despite trying more than one outlet in Trogir I draw a blank.  I’ve been saving a few kuna for the purchase so I spend them, instead,  on 2 kilos of the succulent golden dried figs that you find in Croatian markets.

Over drinks we chew over our mutual diaries together to try and find a few November days for St Vaast wine-tasting and a few days more for a spell on Tresco in May 2016.  Then it is time to go ashore to the good Restaurant Capo we have dined at before.  The Derricks are welcomed back by the owners.  Nick and I are quite peckish and go for starters and substantial main courses.  Carolyn is not hungry and chooses a green salad, followed by a starter.  Mike’s choices are modest.  It is a bit unfortunate because the Lights have already done their treat meal and this one will come out of the kitty purse.  The evening develops another frisson when a group of five diners arrive and the older woman with the startling appearance and arresting voice, who accompanies four youngsters, one of whom is in a wheelchair, turns out to be trans-gender, or trans-sexual or a man in drag.  I try very hard not to stare but I am intrigued because I am essentially a nosy person and that wins disapproval too.  However we exchange pleasantries with the group before we leave the restaurant which leaves good feelings.

We get back to the boat for a night-cap.  I have already packed our bags ready for an early departure the following morning.  We have had a wonderful break in the Croatian archipelago and I have a great sense of having been spoiled because of the generosity of our sailing friends.  I hope they have a sense of that.


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