Swim in a Corridor of Sunshine

After an undisturbed night’s sleep I woke for a refreshing swim.  The morning light had not fully risen and the sun sent a shaft of sunlight along which I swam, back and forth.  We breakfasted then some chores were accomplished.  The men carried out some running repairs, I read in the cockpit.  I am now on Great House by Nicole Krauss and finding it a bit heavy-going. There are a couple of other boats anchored nearby.  One Bavaria is manned by a couple with a small terrier which is intermittently ferried ashore for its comfort breaks.  Blog-SeafaringTerrierHaving a dog on board must require resources that only true dog lovers can muster.Blog-GullsLeaving our bay of the colonnade we set sail for Maslinica which is a village port on Solta.  We have been here before, with Nigel Kaula and since that time a very fancy marina complex has been built.  It costs a fancy price for an overnight tie-up at the quai – 730 kuna (£73).  It is situated at the northern end of Solta and involves a longish sail and we need to tuck round the western end then weave our way through small islands to reach our destination.  We are one of relatively few boats when we tie up (there is room for 60 boats) but the atmosphere is lively and busy.  After our lunch and siesta I wake up later and am amazed how the quay and harbour wall has filled up with vessels and including two monstrous showpieces, from one of which emanates loud, bouncy disco music to which a group of young things cavort and knock back glassfuls under the upper bridge.  Clearly our night in Maslinica is going to be something else….. Blog-CheekByJowl2 Blog-Maslinica

There is a small purpose-made beach close by encircled by a boom and which makes a pleasant natural pool in which to swim. Later we dress a bit tidily for supper and have drinks Blog-Maslinica2and walk round to a rustic and inexpensive konoba which is tucked in between flashier and inevitably more expensive establishments.  Our choice is perfect I order Scampi Buzara with chips as an indulgence which turns out to be excellent.  Back at the boat for nightcaps and triangles of mini Toblerone.  I would sleep well.


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