Champagne Socialist on Board

Waking to the calm and warmth of Lake Telašćica, a swim before breakfast is definitely the thing.  After brek I read and Mike and Nick carry out some running repairs.  Before we leave I have a second dip and swim across to the edge of the lake where there are some rocky blocks acting as a small natural pontoon and just at the edge in very shallow water, where I can put my feet on the soft silty bottom, I look down through clear water and see a very large Fan Mussel projecting by about, I estimate, half its shell length and with the valves slightly gaping so I can see the mantle edge of the mollusc.  This turns out to be my champagne moment of the trip.   I persuade slightly sceptical fellow swimmers to come across and see my find.  Blog-FanMussel  With some hesitancy they agree and are suitably captivated to see this stunning bivalve mollusc and hear about its importance in terms of rarity and conservation value.  The species is protected under CITES.

Back on Verity we upped anchor and started our passage south, passing through a narrow and very shallow channel separating the head of the lake from a small richly vegetated island.  Rich vegetation is a rarity on the Croatian islands.  As the depth sounder showed a reading of 0 metres (but there is 0.5 metres buffer) Carolyn went apeshit and Nick and I kept our counsel until we had rounded the island and the water depths gradually increased and calm was restored.

Underway, and it being 11th September, was the moment to look at the BBC News website to find out the identity of the newly-elected leader of the Labour Party.  Jeremy Corbyn had won the election with a clear majority and I persuaded Mike to open a bottle of bubbles so that our Champagne Socialist on board could celebrate.  Blog-ChampagneSocialist  He had joined the Labour Party specifically so that he could vote.  What the Derricks felt about this they were courteous enough to keep to themselves!

We were heading for Levrnaka.  On the way I took a spell at the helm.  And during the passage we passed a yacht race.




Arriving at Levrnaka we took lazy lines from the pontoon and lunched in the cockpit.  Blog-Levrnaka1 I fell asleep over my book (I read 4 novels during the ten days that I was on board) and slept long in the afternoon waking at 5 for a swim off the boat.  After wine and nibbles on board we went ashore to eat at the Konoba.  The food there has gone considerably upmarket, as has the décor and the whole ambiance of the establishment.  The octopus salad I ordered was very special and we had pre-ordered Peka Lamb (‘Lamb under the bell’) which came in a monumental dish and consisted of lots of semi-roasted potatoes, onions, carrots and assorted bony cuts of succulent lamb in a rich clear gravy.  It was fabulous and we paid for it!

I ate myself to a standstill and perhaps that is why I woke at 1.30 parched, overheated (overeated!!!).  It was a disturbed night but I read a good chunk of Annie Dunne and eventually dropped off and slept until 8 o’clock.




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