Winding down the Summer

The evening before we leave St Vaast our good neighbours welcome us for dinner.  We won’t be seeing them until mid-October so it is a good chance to set the seal on the summer of ’15 and tell them about our Parisian interlude.  A mixed bag of activities awaits us in Dorset; on Friday I play bridge, on Saturday evening the McGoverns take us out for a thank-you curry, on Sunday we drive to Godalming for Perryman time.  During the following week there is more bridge, there are mushrooms to be gathered with Rollo and I have a paper to finalise before submission to Mike Allen.  We enjoy a lovely lunch at Wrackleford with friends of one of Nick’s first cousins.  At the weekend we drive to Oxfordshire to scrump some apples from Barns’ orchard, help him round up logs and visit the Bunkfest at Wallingford, where Nick is fascinated to see his two eldest grandsons operating cameras for on-stage live music.    The clock is ticking and I must make a visit to Chestnuts on Monday to see a very special person, before heading off at 2 a.m. on Tuesday, Gatwick-bound.


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