Five Bags of Chips

With my trusty yet-to-be-named badger tucked under my arm I walk through the front door to be greeted by the Cholseys.  Yaay!  A thoroughly wet camping experience has caused them to strike their camp early and seek sanctuary at TOW.  We have three days to spend before I board my ferry on Thursday morning to head back to France.  We potter about quite a bit and Joel and I cook together.  We make the Basic Indian Curry from my cookery book ’50 Great Curries of India’ by Camellia Panjabi.  It really is easy yet tastes authentic.  We also have a jam-making session with some of my French and English rhubarb and our own strawberries.  I had booked Joel and I onto a DWT Kayak Safari at Kimmeridge but wind and rain forced cancellation which was a shame.

Surfing the internet for outing ideas that are not grandiose, I find there is a Teddy Bear Museum in Dorchester.  This will do nicely so we drive into the town, find a place to park for an hour free of charge and duly pay our entry fee to gain access to the wacky world of bears.   Here is the home of Mr Edward Bear and his large family of human-size bears distributed about the Edwardian period-style rooms which make up this bijou museum.  Vintage household articles are on display and available for children to explore.  Like the old portably typewriter which Charlie homes in upon.  Children romp around on the large brass bedstead and play ‘Ten in the Bed’.  The owners of this museum are not at all precious about children playing with the objects on display.   There are examples of all the famous bears in the world of children’s books and tv series.  There is a ‘Collectors’ Corner’ and a ‘Collectors’ Shop’.  We spend our hour’s worth of parking happily.  And as we come out into the broad light of day the aroma wafting from the neighbouring Fish and Chip Shop is irresistible.

On Wednesday there is a Bridge evening.  Arriving I am disappointed to find that we will be 5 (there had been a possibility that one of our number would not be coming) so we play the usual rather bitty game where the person who plays a hand then defers to the sitter-out.  I play a very bad hand and go home feeling disgruntled.  It just does not feel like a proper evening of cards.


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