A Neighbourly Interlude

Cybs and Eamonn spend three full days and a bit with us.  We spend much time relaxing meals and Cybs and I play cards.  She teaches me Bezique which I am immediately enamoured by.  We also play Barbu as a foursome.  Eamonn is a willing candidate for fishing and more mackerel, whiting and Pollack come to the kitchen.  We all get involved in making further batches of smoked mackerel pate.  Cybs and I make jam with a €4.50 box of apricots from Intermarche.  We use a Delia Smith recipe which involves layering the halved fruits with the sugar and leaving them overnight to firm up, and also adding some of the blanched kernels to the finished jam. On Sunday we take a turn round the perimeter wall of La Hougue and then have a salmon and courgette quiche salad at La Hougette which is excellent value.  In the afternoon as a last minute idea we decide to visit the British and Commonwealth Cemetery at Bayeux (which Nick and I have not visited before), stopping first at La Cambe to see the German one.  How very different in style and mood are these two memorial sites for the WWII fallen. Our hosting role is uncomplicated and a great pleasure.  Whilst Cybs and I know each other well through our bridge, Eamonn and Nick have hitherto had a largely peripheral friendship but they got on extremely well. On the final day it is all hands on deck readying the house for a late afternoon departure.  A spanner (but a welcome one) is thrown into the works when Daniel arrives with 3 live lobsters, 2 tourteaux and a spider crab.  These are gifts from Fabrice to thank Nick for a large pack of fishing lures surplus to Nick’s requirements.  Without ado I have to cook all these crustaceans and chill them readying for packing.  With the garden bedded down as best I can manage and the house closed up we drive to Cherbourg and cross the Channel on a ‘Fast Cat’ bound for Portsmouth.


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