A Stately Woodland Bloom beyond the Ricketts’ Picket……… so tempting to pick it.

We made a flying visit to Godalming.  Ted has turned 8 and we had a pottery wheel with accessories to deliver.  He and his mother tried it out over the weekend.


Nick and I were invited to supper with William and Diana and another couple, all these people being very long-standing friends. We sat in their delightful garden……….. ‘just like old times ;)’……….. and whereas we used to talk about kids and schooling, we now talk about old age, aging parents, retirement homes.  But also books, and fellow friends and grandchildren so it is not all Richard Wilson.  The following day I visited the local garden centre and bought some plants and met Diana again, briefly, for coffee.

Ted recently had his Bear Grylls birthday party in the woods behind 88 Pep.  He proudly showed the remains of a shelter they had constructed and I took my camera up to photograph the foxgloves which have multiplied over the years thanks to the unofficial woodland management that is carried out by fellow occupants of the Pep Road houses.  The 8 semis are such a distinctive feature of the Charterhouse Hill settlement.  There is also a tepee that was started donkeys years ago and is now growing beautifully into its setting.  The tepee and the foxglove swathes are evidence that, notwithstanding you can create these features, Chelsea Garden Style,  by clever planting and rustic-effect construction with felled in-situ timber, it takes decades of working with nature to create, in this case, a guileless but subtly managed hillscape beyond a garden picket fence.

On Saturday Nick drove back to Winterborne K to join the village walkers and Charlotte, Ted and I went swimming in the morning, then created a bottom-of-the-fridge soup for lunch.  Afterwards we delivered Ted to his ‘Battlefield Live’ birthday party then Charlotte and I spent a very happy couple of hours hitting the Haslemere boutiques and buying lovely clothes followed by a reviving cup of coffee with lemon drizzle cake.  This was my highlight 🙂


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