And Another One………..

Our week in St Vaast evaporates before our eyes.  Time is taken up by garden endeavour.  On Sunday evening we receive Kate and Peter Brice for an overnighter.  They have been further south for a twinning weekend in Mortain.  By happy coincidence our annual bulk delivery of Muscadet takes place to coincide with their stopover and since they have ordered 30 litres they are able to take this back to Winterborne Kingston to bottle.  We are treated to a Debarcadere evening meal by them and on Monday, before they leave for their ferry, we eat lunch on the terrace.  Sorrel and red lentil soup, green Thai fishcakes, rice and salad, cheese……

On our last evening we drive to chez Bri et Georgy, with the Poulets, and spend such a pleasant evening starting with apero under their tonnelle, repairing indoors to eat cote de boeuf cooked (shown the coals) on their BBQ.


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