A Bit of Light Exercise

So we found ourselves with yet another set of guests except the guys don’t really count as such.  The happy choice of location that Nick and I made when we moved to Dorset has opened up a great amenity for those who climb.  On Saturday the lads climbed at The Cuttings but on Sunday they broke new ground and climbed on the west coast of Portland, a platform known as The Veranda down Battleship.  I think this must be near Mutton Cove.  Nick and I parked at Southwell and scrambled down the cliff to join the climbing party.  Whilst there we were lucky enough to see a Peregrine fly overhead.  We spent a happy couple of hours there before clambering up and repairing to the Cove Inn at Chiswell for the traditional jar after a good day’s climbing.  The weekend was all the more pleasant for the opportunity to dine at the Greyhound, with a recent new menu.  What could have been more convivial?


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