City Kids go Native in Dorset

Lola and Ruby spent half term with us.  It was a time of green fields, flower meadows, wild orchids and arty crafty stuff at the DWT Kingcombe Field Centre. The kids have been there before; the last occasion was Halloween when they enjoyed an evening of activities centred around pumpkins, toffee apples and creepy crawly displays and activities.  This time our outing centred around an Arts and Crafts weekend at the Centre where various artists were demonstrating their crafts and displaying their work.  A Weymouth man, David Metcalf, makes chicken wire wildlife sculptures.  A mouse and a hare, each perched atop a vintage garden fork have now taken up residence in our garden.  Along with a willow butterfly which I picked up recently at the Morcombelake farm shop, on my way back from a flying visit to Cornwall to see Stella who is in hospital, and seeing Hilary B and the Paynes on the round trip.

The girls commented on the ‘green’ everywhere as we drove around.  It must have made an impact.  We had both girls on Saturday for the Kingcombe day and on Sunday their parents joined us at Winterborne K, en route from Wales after a wedding, for a Greyhound lunch at which my mother joined us.  Ruby left in the evening with her parents as she has a few days in the Lake District with a friend.

Lola stayed on.  She and I went to the cinema twice.  We had our own Bake Off competition for which Lola made chocolate cupcakes and I made savoury muffins.  She raided my wardrobe for a bit of dressing up, and Nick and I dusted off some evening garb for a roast chicken dinner one evening.  Lola made a shell picture and she read a lot.  How lovely to see her curled up in my sanctuary chair with her nose in a book.

After her few days of independence as a guest she was ready to rejoin her sister and parents.  I think it was her first stay away from home on her own, so it was a milestone.  We drove her back to Hackney on Thursday, then N and I dropped down to Godalming for a meeting, then home to WK for an early departure from Poole the following morning.




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