Putting the Garden to Bed

We have had yet another splendid interlude in St Vaast.  Whenever possible Nick and I have spent time in the garden.  By the time departure has arrived Nick has managed to work his magic on the potager and we have a picking of rhubarb to take back to Dorset.  I have continued to rationalise the pot situation, emptying several by planting the contents out.  The hellebore bed is beginning to fill out and there are specials to enjoy.  The Polygonatum is looking lush in the shady bed and a new pale-flowered Vinca is sitting pretty.  I am thrilled with the Cerinthe major plants, which came from seed given to me Kate Brice, and during this stay the dwarf Bearded Iris have flowered and the arc of mauve-flowered iris by the fig tree have been a welcome splash of colour down in the potager.  The parrot tulips in pots, which I just managed to catch before they started to turn, are pretty much finished.  Other containerised plants – Paul’s Primula candelabra and my Primula auricula collection on the iron étagère have pleased me greatly.

I have put in a fair amount of time working on the area under the mimosa tree.  Sadly the largest of the three trunks has died.  We are not really sure how many trees there are so are waiting to see what happens next.  But underneath there are now primroses, cowslips, foxgloves as well as some of the bee orchids and other wild plants.  I am trying to develop a wild aspect to this bit of the lawn and will help it with some wild flower seed mix.

After Maddy and Andrew leave St Vaast we join various friends around a meal table.  I do a ladies’ foursome lunch with Fefe, her friend, Claire at Le Debarcadere, whilst Nick and Francois T go fishing.  Another lunch is taken at Criee de Tomahawk with the Daniells and some Dorset friends, and on our final evening Francois P cooks cote de boeuf.  In the very familiar company of the Poulets and their neighbours I feel we have come full circle since our move to St V ten years ago and we’ll keep right on circulating.


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