The First Cuckoo

The Dukes have landed and scrunch onto our drive half an hour before midnight.  We have just spent an agreeable evening with Daniel and Christine, Nick having been smashed 6-1 at pool and I have managed to maintain family honour by beating Christine at Spite and Malice.  Not that much skill was involved in my victory!

Maddy and Andrew have come for a long weekend and during this time we make the Cap Levi walk on Sunday morning.  Despite driving through a heavy mist to Goury Harbour the coast was clear and we followed the circular route that provides a bit of everything by way of scenery.  Maddy finds many opportunities for her adventures in bird photography and we are all delighted when we hear our first cuckoo, clear and uncluttered by extraneous noise.  In the evening we are guests for a French dinner experience with Tanou and Jean-Pierre.  On Saturday Maddy and I walk La Hougue and Andrew helps Nick bring home the winter fuel.

Breakfasts are leisurely and indulgent with croissants, pain au chocolat and pain aux raisins.  We all probably eat more than we should.  Certainly the giant lunch-time pizza I enjoy before our visitors set off for their ferry might have been ill-advised for one who is counting her calories.  But Debarc pizzas are something else and every now and then irresistible.  In the evening I ate a dozen delicious ‘organic’ oysters and a huge bowl of salad, it was all I needed.  The oysters come from an oysterage where the proprietor uses the common edible winkle to keep everything clean and weed free to ensure his oysters are pathogen-free.  He uses no chemicals at all, what a marvel!


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