To Every Plant its Place

Returning from Cornwall we would have a couple of weeks before returning to France.  During this interval I spent a good bit of time working on the garden.  Nick completed the clearance and digging of the main border.  Once cleared I had the fun task of restocking.  I went to Homebase and bought a selection of perennials but perhaps the most pleasure was derived from replanting the plants that had been removed when we started the wall project and reshaped the garden.  Bit by bit I emptied pots, finding niches for so many plants and making up my scheme as I went along.  The last bit of planting took place in dry weather and I needed to give two good hosings.  The final tasks involved weeding the asparagus bed and sowing some pea and spinach seeds on the ground by the mint.  I completed this makeover just before we were due to board a ferry bound for France.  We will have 10 days there during which I hope to find some garden time as well as catching up with our French friends and spending a long weekend with Maddy and Andrew.  Meanwhile the newly planted garden is on its own for the time being; there will be triumphs and failures and not too many of the latter I hope.  Regardless of my intentions, nature will improvise and one of the most delightful things about this garden business is the anticipation it gives me.


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