Tide of the Century

Over the weekend of 20-21 March we were promised the tide of the century.  The low tide would register the highest coefficient for many a long year, or the lowest point below Chart Datum depending how you measure these things.  Supertides were to be worth witnessing both at high water and low.   In the late afternoon Claire, Ty and I sallied forth on Saturday and Sunday to wander the sand flats at Saint Vaast and to witness the multitudes of pecheurs a pieds.







Where peche a pied on the sand flats at St Vaast is concerned it is all about razor clams.  I have blogged elsewhere on the subject of fishing for Couteaux and the serendipitous nature of the clam haul you might make.  Whilst I am very fond of razor clams as a comestible I like St Jacques rather more and the chance of find one or two which have been stranded by the retreating tide is much more appealing.  As luck would have it over the two days we visit the shore I find 4 live ones which is just enough to make a mouthful to enjoy as a little starter for the meal we share with the Tuttles on Sunday evening.

Peche a pied is a more popular pastime in France and better regulated when it comes to minimum sizes.  Tableau de synthèse  Helpful information appears in the La Presse.


And card rulers are available at Tourist Offices.  There is no excuse for ignorance!


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