A Fishbox of Irises

Our five weeks in France see me spending as much time as I can find in the garden.  There is so much to do, so many possibilities and ideas buzzing in my head.  All of these imaginings must be contained within a framework that is practical, manageable, able to be maintained.

The major project was to dig through the upper part of the main flower border, close to the BBQ.  Various plants have been put in this bed since we arrived in St Vaast and some have thrived but in reality there was no real method in the madness, and so some plants were rescued and potted up to wait in the wings, others having languished and then disappeared.  Hellebores do well in this particular bed and the invasive white Allium that Bas and Rosemary gave us on the occasion of their first visit has rampaged throughout.  Most of these are pulled out and into the cleaned bed I plant out the potted Hellebores which have been biding their time through the winter. DaffiesHeader

Now that the dwarf iris are over the daffodils come into their own.  We have several varieties that continue to bloom year on year, these bulbs having been the gift of the Tompsetts.  #


The primroses are now showing their true colours and cowslip plants appear around the Mimosa but not yet in bud.  I’m having mixed success with the Camellias, there is one very poorly plant which I would really like to move, but where? I planted the Melianthus major, gift of brother Paul, and divide the clump of Dietes bicolor, sufficient to give away 2 clumps, and bring home enough to make 6 plants more.  The Dietes grandiflora we bought from Hardy’s plants in Penzance and which has been divided is planted in the long border.  Self-set foxgloves are lifted and planted in the grass beneath the Mimosa. My last task is to assemble the pots of Iris that I have over-wintered.  I plant the various varieties in the two fishboxes of compost which have lain fallow.   This may be successful in the short-term and who knows, the plants may well thrive contained in this way…… Before we leave St Vaast I picked bouquets of daffodils for Fefe, Anne, Christine and Genevieve.


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