Une Bonne Balade pour Les Ducs

With a curry lunch in prospect we thought it would be a good idea to go for a walk on Sunday morning.  Picking up on an idea from an English friend here in St Vaast we took the car to Le Perrey, a hamlet with a tiny harbour with a handful fishing boats bobbing beneath the quay.  We walked due north to Cap Levi, taking in the white waves pounding the granite rock platform there, turning east towards Port Pignot where there is an intriguing wooden lifeboat house and a small oysterage.  There are some dumps of assorted lithologies and it turns out that the port was established by Charles Pignot in 1889 to transport stone extracted from the quarry. There is archaeological evidence here of very early European human settlement.

Following the road that leads away from Port Pignot and inland we pass through Val Bourgin, picking up a baguette from the boulangerie.   There is a striking maison de maître set behind heavily locked gates.  I wonder who lives there, and how often.

Along the way there have been vistas of granite rocks and white surf, glistening pale granite sand which refuses to be captured on camera, a dilapidated boat for sale at 10,000 Euros, and bright yellow Mimosa.  It is a very agreeable circular walk of between 4 and 5 km by my estimation.  I think this will do very nicely for our forthcoming invités.




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