Les Cholseys Rendent Visite

A couple of days after our arrival in St Vaast we are delighted to welcome the arrival of les Cholseys.  They are on half term and we know we will have a great time with them.  Claire is hoping for a leisurely and quiet time which is achieved, by and large, because Sam and his siblings are easily involved in activities revolving around boating, beach excursions and general chilling.  The children, after all, need their down time after a busy first half of Spring Term.  Joel and I have a bit of fun in the kitchen.  Together we make a Turkish dish, Lamb Biryani, which is quite labour intensive, and delicious.  He learns to fillet fish which he and Sam catch with Nick one day, and I watch him make sushi with Carl.


On Friday night, Claire’s birthday, we have a seafood extravaganza with seafood both bought and foraged from the shore.  During the week Claire and Ty bring their two grandchildren over for a bit of Jenga and high tea.  This is a great success as the children enjoy a few turns of sardines,  a game that transcends all language barriers, as does Jenga.  Amelie and Emma are of similar age and hit it off instantly.  There are hopes that they can all get together again in the summer when they return to St Vaast.


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