Some Enchanted Evening

Lola and Ruby have graced our week with their presence.  Now that I look back I see what a pleasure it was to have them around, that it was always good-humoured.  There was ne’er a cross word between the girls themselves nor with us.  (I’d like to write that there was ne’er a cross word between Nick and me 😉 !)  We had fun.


The week culminated in a fish and chip supper at the Marloboro Café by Weymouth bridge followed by an enchanting walk around the Sub-tropical Gardens at Abbotsbury.  Every year they flood light a garden trail there and for 3 nights around 31st October  they bring in themed entertainments and side shows: Free face painting (scary faces), a Laser Rave, a Bug show, a youth drama group ‘Entertainingly Different’, and a hut that the girls would not pass without sampling the art of Dr D Ranged and his scary wounds.


The girls and I leapt and danced to a Dj Allstars & Tara version of Summer of ’69.  In one marquee we watched a ghoulish impromptu enactment of death and consumption by a scorpion in the bug tent, 8 hapless members of the audience having been coaxed into volunteering to be the predator and the victim for a performance moment.

We made our way round the floodlit trail and Lola and Ruby picked up scars en route and Lola ended up dancing The Monster Mash with the youth drama group at the end of the evening.  Driving home it was clear that the girls felt this was the grand finale to their week with us and they have booked themselves in for 2015!


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