No Half Measures at Half Term

Come Monday morning most of the family had melted away.  Lola and Ruby remained and we were set fair for a fab week.  With something planned every day I hoped there would be no lacunae in interest and activity.

On Monday I took the girls into Dorchester.  We drove up to Poundbury to collect two wicker hearts I had reserved at the flower shop there.  These will be decorated.  L and R spent a very happy half hour in the recreation park there after which we went into the town and had lunch at The Horse with the Red Umbrella.  Afterwards we walked up to the fabric shop so they could choose some material to each make a cushion.  The moment has arrived to teach them how to use a sewing machine.  They chose quite different fabrics, their choices expressing something about themselves.  I will ‘sew’ enjoy showing the girls the magic of a sewing machine.  We started making the cushions the following afternoon after they returned from their Tuesday activity, a scavenger hunt at Kingcombe Dorset Wildlife Trust centre.

On Wednesday I drove them to Kimmeridge for a DWT craft session.  The weather was filthy wet and we drove through large puddles and troughs of water on the windy route to the coast.  They were the only two children so they received undivided attention from the organiser.  This was just as well, it needed one on one to make the various paper kites that formed the activity of the day.

The following day we drove to Burton Bradstock where they splashed around in the pool at the Jurassic Fun Centre.  On the way they kept me enthralled at their knowledge of some of the tenets of geology and evolution as they have learned these at school, in the extra classes they receive as children who are ahead of their game.  Such knowledge was exhibited!  They know more about the world they live in than I did when I left school and indeed for many years after!

On Friday evening we went to a fun Halloween Extravaganza at Kingcombe field centre.  Lola and Ruby carved pumpkins and each made a twiggy spider’s web.  There were quizzes on moths, animal skulls and bats.  The centre has a café for hot food, there were also toffee apples and toasted marshmallows.  The evening was rounded off with spooky storytelling in the yurt.  How much more enjoyable this was than ‘trick or treat’.

But the best was yet to come…………………….



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