Six Go Summerly in St Vaast

Four very dear friends came to stay with us in St V.  We go back to the days of babysitting groups when we paid each other in plain postcards, each worth one hour.  In those days we stay-at-home mums would commit to sit for each other, counting on our husbands’ return from a day at the office in time to abandon our own children to their respective fathers.  We had our babies in our 20s and they are now in their 40s with their own offspring.  Now our daughters have their own careers and the couples engineer their own arrangements. Grandparents often feature………..

What we all did in St Vaast is we walked, we visited Chateau Toqueville, we bought a bit of wine, we read our books (4 of us are book groupies), we ate au bord de la mer and at Hotel Fuchsias and Nick and I feted our friends and their French opposite numbers with an evening of Entente Cordiale chez nous.  French and English banter circled the dining table and amongst memorable moments I treasure Georgy’s compliment to William when he said that William had something of Winston Churchill about him.  With his impeccable accent and affable gravitas William is a gift to Anglophiles like Georges.

On the day of departure we went to Le Dranguet where brave souls bathed after which we repaired to Le Debarcadere to complete the St Vaast experience.  Au revoir lovely people…..


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