And so to Dorset

Crossing to Dorset we know we have a very busy few days ahead of us.  We need to drive over to Southborne for dental appointments and will eat supper with Maddy and Andrew that evening.  As it happens on the return journey we have found Parasol mushrooms in our usual place so I will cook garlic mushrooms for the Dukes, and the Palmers.  I had brought some field mushrooms back with us which we ate for lunch.  These have been growing on Georgy’s lawn at Reville but he has been uncertain whether they are edible species or not.  Evidently yes, they are certainly a good Agaricus species.

To say thank you to Celia for having watered the plants during our absence,  we take her and Eamonn into Dorchester for a curry at the Rajpoot ….. what has happened to our dietary resolve?!!  As we tuck into mouthwatering dishes there is comfort in the knowledge that the following day we must walk the route we plan for the Winterborne K walkers.   We need exercise badly; we are both battling with a bit of weight that needs to be shed.  It is not much but we know that if we cannot shift these 4 surplus kilos each that we are carrying soon they will become part of our corporeal scenery, something we do not want.

The route needs to be ‘specked’ out because I walked our chosen route with Maddy back in March with loads of time to re-walk it with Nick to showcase it to him and also to check out the descent back to the field centre at Lower Kingcombe, headquarters of Dorset Wildlife Trust.  Such has been the busyness of the year that we are in September with a month to spare before the real thing.

It is a circular route over Kingcombe Downs and Meadows.  We accomplish the walk, a good 5 miles, in 3 hours with stops.  We stop to admire the berries, grazing as we go, and the house martins as they assemble on the roof and associated wires of a lone house, the trout in the lee of a small stone bridge and such fungi as there are, and none of these are for the pot.  Getting back to the Centre, where I admire the carved wooden birds on display there, it seems that we can eat a lunch at the Centre after our walk which will be a bit different from usual but at least the ‘Baked Potato’ and ‘Ham, Egg and Chips’ Brigades will be well served.

On Friday evening I meet up with Celia, Chris and Sally in the Greyhound where we agree plans for the Bridge weekend we are going to have at the beginning of November.  The tutor is going to come to the village, stay at The Old Workshop and give us four 2-hour sessions.  For me this is a once and for all attempt to learn Bridge sufficiently well to play the game and learning with a group of friends who all live within spitting distance is ideal.  My biggest challenge will be to remember what I learn.  Otherwise it’s “Anyone for Snap?”



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