Eat, Drink, and be Merry, for Tomorrow we may Diet.

The Perryman holiday progresses.  Charlotte takes a day out for an interview in Paris whilst Ted and Ry climb the Eiffel Tower then take lunch on a boat trip down the Seine.  Ted enjoys fishing trips with his grandfather and brings mackerel, red gurnard, whiting and Pollack to the kitchen.  He is in on the game of mastering a technique for fishing sand eels.  He is the personification of glee when a line of the little wrigglers is brought on board.  We turn some of these into a sand eel ceviche which involves the incredibly fiddly business of filleting the eels and marinading them in the same way we marinade filleted mackerel.  When we eat chez Poulet at the weekend Nick’s sand eel appetiser is much appreciated.

We distribute our smoked mackerel pate wherever we are invited to eat; the last four days involve a Friday night fish supper with the Perrymans at Criee du Tomahawk, Saturday evening chez Poulet, Sunday lunch chez Taille.  Then Monday lunchtime is spent with the Daniells and the Lerminez chez nous when I serve a fish pie and Tanou provides a delicious fruit tart for dessert.  There is time for a swim at Le Dranguet, a bodhran session for Nick and Anne and then we drive out to Reville to enjoy a cosy supper with Bri and Georgy.  She cooks us a delicious chicken and mushroom risotto and what I love is that it is flavoursome through all the ingredients.  She has used a good bouillon.   Over our meal we lay plans for our jaunt to the Loire to do the Chateau trail.

On Tuesday evening we board the ferry with a determination to eat less and lose some weight!  I am afraid we have found that ‘Appetite comes with eating; the more one has, the more one would have.’


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