The Re-greening of my Backyard

These dry summer weeks the garden has best been left alone….. apart from the pots and hanging baskets which are demanding children, flagging if not ministered unto.  In particular the hanging baskets into which I planted salad leaf, and young basils; out of date seeds I found languishing in my basket of plant labels and cut up tights.  They have provided pickings to mix into the constant stream of green salads which I make up as substitutes for other more calorific fillers.

But it rained the other day, finely and persistently and what a difference that hydration episode has made.  The lawn is green and all the plants look as if they are now going to grow a bit more.  We are definitely going to get a second show of delphiniums, my gorgeous blue boys who echo the azure heads of agapanthus.

I could spend many hours cutting back and weeding but time is a bit short so I concentrate on potting up young Echium and Helleborus plants to order, and put the Cerinthe and ?Hollyhock/Malva seedlings into the Yucca bed where I hope they will survive snail predation and progress to their next stage.

The great ripening of figs which we have enjoyed comes to an abrupt end, and we pick Victoria plums as they are ready until that crop is spent.  I have not been bothering to buy any other fruit.  We might just get a picking or two of our late raspberries before we leave at the end of August…….. wait and see.




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