A Grimm Experience

August days trickle past.   Anne and I aim to swim at Le Dranguet every day, which target we more or less achieve despite a decline in air temperature and an increase in cloudy skies and windy intervals.  When Tatane comes to stay with Anne and Francois, she joins us for a swim too.  We now enter the sea boldly, wade out and plunge under without ado.


The Perrymans settle into a holiday regimen.  Not so much time is spent on the beach as last year, it just ain’t quite hot enough!  But CJ and Ry discover a pleasure in games of tennis on the courts down by La Hougue.  They cycle a lot.  After our first Potjie evening I book the Perryman duo for two Potjies more.  On Friday evening Brigitte and Georgy eat with us, en famille style, after Bri spends the afternoon attending to the nails on our hands and feet.  The Ps produce the seafood version of yestereve, preceded by chipolatas to nibble with drinks, and after the contents of their cauldron, we eat BBQ steaks.  And a peach tart from Gibon 🙂

The evening is happily rounded off when we play some games of pool.  Ted, diminutive and Hobbit-like, approaches the table when it is his turn and wows the adults with his prowess; some mysterious, Gandalf-like being periodically swoops in for a bit of ball adjustment!!

And then we start all over on Sunday with a lunching event chez nous when the Magic Cooking Pot is called into service again and I say “Cook, little pot, cook” and it does!……….  Belly pork, sweet and regular potatoes, black-eye beans, shallots simmer in juices flavoured with spices and fridge jar emptyings.  Together with rice and red cabbage we offer this to the Tailles and the Tuttles and we rollick our way through a sunny Sunday afternoon.  Quelle Bonheur.


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