They’re Back

Yes the Perrymans are back for another action-packed seaside holiday…. with a bit of good food and wine thrown in.

A super-excited granny scooped up a bundle of glee when the car pulled up in front of the house.  Cue for lots of beach-oriented stuff like proper swimming in the sea, shrimping around Nick’s boats for prawns to keep in a mini-aquarium, kayaking.  The structures around the recently pruned mimosa provide tree-climbing moments.  The guys went fishing on Friday and caught mackerel.  Cue for a mackerel fest; we now add ceviche of mackerel to our repertoire.

Market day was an ordeal to be worked through.  It’s a bank holiday weekend here so the thoroughfare between the stalls either side of the ‘high street’ is packed.  Fortunately I am feeling leisurely and in my wanderings find an amazing stall selling olives, tapenades and other preserved goodies.  The adjacent stall has a wonderful variety of tomatoes.

Nick is at sea, Ryan services bikes, so after lunch CJ, Ted and I head for the beach at Le Dranguet to join Anne and Tatane where we all swim.  In the evening the Tuttles join us for an apero and Ted meets their grandchildren, Emma and Matteo.

Netting the prawns was a fun moment.  It being high tide we were not able to get low enough on the shore to turn a few rocks to look for small invertebrates for the tank. Instead Nick took Ted and me to the pontoon from which he moors his boat where we lowered nets into the water and ran them along the weed which grows along the submerged wooden structure.  In just a few minutes we had caught about 50.  Back at the house we put them in the small glass aquarium where Ted watched their antics and we talked about the prawn body plan and how they earn living.  The following day we cooked the largest for our fish soup and returned the rest to the sea.

On Sunday evening I roast two chickens and we feast.   On Monday Charlotte and Ryan provide a fabulous BBQ of swordfish and bream and a seafood potjkie which I would be quite happy to dive into and spend the rest of the week grazing.  It’s like I said, good times, good food 🙂



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