Invasion of the Little Folk

Hotfoot after the wedding we cross the Channel in the company of Christina, Katie and the young folk.  They have a week in view chez nous and I am very excited to be welcoming my sister to our French home.  We all settle in rapidly and the children quickly discover the selection of riding toys under the small lean-to on the terrace.  The soundtrack to the ensuing week is to be that of wheels, wheels and more wheels performing circuits of the terrace.  The children never tire of this activity and when they are not wheeling, they are climbing in the mimosa tree.

The evening after our day of arrival Claire and Ty invite us to an American-style family BBQ: home made hamburgers, salad and some of Claire’s special cakes.  Our young adapt very quickly to the challenge of communicating with Emma and Matteo who are Solange’s children.  La soirée est genial!

The week whizzes by.  Chrissie and Katie enjoying retail experiences and go home with ideas and trophies.  Katie is shortly to move to her new home and we buy various items to add a French flavour.  We lose nearly two hours in the Saturday market!  Nick sits the children one evening so the three ladies can eat at Le Débarcadère; we all go for an entrecote and frites and there is live music from Klez sur mer, it being Traversées de Tatihou week.

All too soon it is time to board the ferry bound for Poole.  We have all had a good time and they will surely return.


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