Notre Coin est Très Agréable

After the Breton wedding we hightailed back to St Vaast to catch up with Marian, Katharine and David.  They have been staying at the house for a week and have been joined by an American couple they knew in the US back in RFA days.  It is really good to catch up with our family members and meet Jim and Anne.  We share a couple of good days with them, taking in a convivial meal at Le Debarcadere, a little apero moment at Le Goeland at Pointe de Saire with Francois and Anne and some snooker chez eux a bit later in the evening.  It is during this latter interval that David waves his magic wand and fixes in a matter of a few minutes something techie on Francois’ laptop – a transfer that Francois has been labouring over for a week.

As I walk briskly, brown as a berry, in the sunshine on my way down to the boulangerie to collect morning bread, I see ouvriers at work on a small house in rue Croix Marigny, a madame sweeping her front steps, and the smell of fresh baking wafts up the road to greet me, and there is a scrumptious peach tart waiting on the counter for a buyer and I think how utterly privileged and rounded my life is and I must be thankful and share good fortune whenever I can.

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