Lights Alight

Paul and Viv, and their long-time friend Hilary Balogh arrived at 104 on Wednesday afternoon.  Lovely to receive our kin and I last met Hilary at a family wedding fifteen years ago when we were seated adjacently.  We were ships that passed in the night back then, but more of that in my next post.’

P and V are now on their countdown to Tom’s marriage to Delphine.  We have a couple of days to share in St Vaast before we shift to Brittany for the run-up to the big day.

No sooner has she arrived than Hilary gets out her sketchbook, pencils, pastels and begs a chair, small table (and I insist on an umbrella) in order to draw our house.  What a thrill.

Meanwhile Nick consults Paul on the health of one of our Mimosa trees and has his suspicion of moribundity confirmed.  They set about pruning the tree to test its resilience and tidy up the shape.


Somehow Wentletraps weave their way into the conversation and Paul expresses a wish to go on a hunt for them.  Leaving Hilary to her mission, we drive across to Pointe de Saire where I show them my favoured beach pockets but to no avail.  Nevertheless it is an excuse to spend some time on the shore, and afterwards for a glass of wine at the delightful watering hole on the headland there known as Le Goeland.

Returning to 104 we find Hilary is still seated at the bottom of the garden, and when we say that we are going to eat supper at Le Debarcadere she asks if she might be excused in order to carry on the lovely work which is evolving ‘a l’ombre de notre citronnier’.  I set out the makings for a simple salad, some of the St Emilion wine she likes, and we slope off for some sustenance and atmosphere at Le Debarc’.

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