We Welcome Bri and Georgy

…. but first we have another Dorset week of ‘things’.

On Tuesday evening we eat supper at The Botany Bay Inne with the McGoverns.  What a disappointment this is – we hope for better things when our local Greyhound is back up and running.  We hear that it will not be long now.  The following day I go to the Plaza with Celia C to see The Love Punch, a light comedy made entertaining for the most part by Emma Thompson who never fails to please.  That evening I meet my sisters for a ‘board meeting’ at The Rajpoot.  The next day there is medical stuff and on Friday I drive out to Chetnole for a Memorial Tea Party in honour of Dennis Seaward.  Saturday sees me on a London train bound for a meeting at the Natural History Museum on molluscs in archaeology.  This brings us to Sunday and the arrival of our French guests.

Bri and Georgy are good friends from Reville.  It is Bri’s first visit to England and they arrive late in the evening full of excitement.  On Monday we spend a low key day driving over to Portland Bill for lunch at the Lobster Pot Café, afternoon tea at the Moonfleet Hotel and supper at home.  On Tuesday morning Nick and Georgy must leave early bound for the Snooker Championships at The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.

It had been our original plan to give the men’s Sheffield days to a girls’ trip to London.  In the event Brigitte preferred to stay put; we went shopping in Dorchester then watched snooker on the telly all afternoon on Tuesday.  On Wednesday we took the train to Godalming where we joined Nick and Geo chez Perryman before going to dine at Bel and the Dragon that evening.  On Thursday we left Godalming and drove to Brighton where we had coffee in the now ghastly pub by the Marina, redeemed later by a great fish lunch at The Regency.   Really, though, it was principally a day spent in the car and I think we misjudged the value of factoring this outing into our friends’ itinerary.

Friday was a day much anticipated by Bri; we visited Maddy and her menagerie including the famous Bertie.  On to West Bay to soak up some Broadchurch atmosphere for our French fans, thence to Morecombelake where Paul and Viv were hosting Hilary, Jensen and Riby.  This provided a good dose of Englishness for our French friends and Georgy was moved to say that there was something of the Royal ladies about Viv, and I know what he means!

On Saturday we drove the short route to Kingston Lacy, enjoyed the garden and the house, meeting one of our evening guests whilst there.  Both Bri and I found a birthday gift for Anne Poulet in the shop.  After a sandwich we came back to The Old Workshop to prepare for our small dinner party in the dining hall.  My sister Liz and my friend Celia arrived and we spent a French-speaking evening which was good for everyone.  Liz and Celia made me very proud.


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