A Dart to the Moors and Moment of Repose in Shang-ri La

We took our friends to join their ferry for their return to France.  We then headed off, bound for a destination new Drewsteignton, in a wooded valley on Dartmoor.  Before we return to France ourselves we have two important visits to make.  Arriving chez Payne we unload, eat a croissant and coffee and then before I become too relaxed I take the road to Shang-ri La to visit my dear and long-term friends at Reskadinnick.  It would be a mistake to call Stella Maris a Grande Dame of Conchology because anyone less grand I cannot image.  Yet Stella is cultivated and mannered, whilst being one of the wisest and warmest friends I have.  I so admire her, and her companion Rose, because they still maintain their life-long passion for natural history and at 89 they are still contributing the academic pool.  It was a short visit, no more than a couple of hours and then I headed back to Dartmoor to rejoin Nick and the Paynes.  Nick had been in his element tending a bonfire aided by a delightful, barefooted nature child called Jasmine.  We ate a pleasant supper (including delicious sorrel soup) with other guests.

On Monday we went for a day-long walk taking in moorland and wooded slopes carpeted with fragrant bluebells.  On Tuesday morning we returned to WK where we prepared for our next sojourn in France.


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