Dorset Days, Still Stones

So we fetch up in Dorset for a time which will be full, diverse and densely populated with loved ones.

First there is a Conch Soc AGM to negotiate with supper after, Winterborne K Book Group, a trip to a Furniture Bazaar at Crewkerne with Maddy where I buy a lovely Tulip aArt Deco chair,  an appointment at Specsavers to choose some new frames, a film evening with Celia C to see Wes Andersson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel (a cinematic disappointment) and a trip to Dorchester to see our niece Elisabeth in the Community Play Drummer Hodge.

The week builds up to a crescendo of family arrivals on Friday and a visit from Jenny and Maddy prior to the grand picnic event on the 12th.  Happily for Lis, and for us all, the weather holds fair if a bit windy but we are able to have our picnic en plein air at John’s Stones by Hardy’s Monument.  After our cream tea at Manor Hotel, West Bexington the Light/Perryman contingent repair to The Old Workshop where a tent is erected in the garden to accommodate the throng.

During the ensuing week various activities fill our days.  Barney and Dan do some climbing with the older children on Portland at Church Ope Cove.  We take Cream Tea to Maiden Newton to visit Bertie.  Claire comes down overnight to take Joel back to Cholsey for some school tests and Lukie returns him the following day.  There is an excursion to Monkey World and Christina and Cerys come for an Easter Egg Hunt, Cream Tea and film afternoon over Easter.  Come Easter Monday Nick and I are familied out and ready for a pace change before our French friends arrive the following weekend!


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