Hectic March Days

During the last days of March and tipping into April Nick and I enjoy a highly sociable time at 104. Thanks to yoga I have met an English woman whose husband has a boat and likes to fish and it seems sensible to introduce these men in hopes they may get on well and fish together.  Before we leave for England we lunch a quatre with Lorraine and Stephen in La Marina.

Francois and Fefe who have just returned from Cape Verde issue an invitation to lunch chez eux, a delightful occasion when we meet their neighbours and Francois cooks us a fab meal.    At the end of most afternoons Anne and Nick get together to practice their bodhrans.

We spend quite a bit of time with Bri and Georgy and the Poulets.  With the latter we combine a cinema trip to see Les Garcons et Guillaume, a table with supper afterwards at L’Armoire a Delices, and at home we spend an evening playing cards with Bri and Geo.  Best of all we get together on our last evening before departure to eat supper chez Poulet with them all.



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