Gardening in Progress

Our month in March saw ongoing gardening efforts on our part.  Nick put in many hours on the potager and we left it looking well cared-for and cultivated.  Our leeks have been a wonderful crop but we should have started pulling them sooner than we did.

As for the borders I tidied up the one that runs along the wall that adjoins the road and pulled nearly all the Geranium madarense.  This clearance yielded quite a lot of ground to house moved and new plants.  I replaced the scallop shells along the narrow border by the gravel area near the shed.  I cut the Acanthus back sharply and potted up four offspring to give away.  Also potted for transport across the Channel were Echium, Agapanthus and a young G. madarense. 

Our successional show of daffodils has been superb this year, they just go from strength to strength and the only care they receive is that I dead-head promptly.  All the small bulbs I chucked into assorted pots have flowered well and given me splashes of colour to dot around the place.

By the time we leave the garden is looking fairly well but it will be ready for a fresh onslaught when we return in May!




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