We are enjoying some really good low tides at the moment. Not only are the co-efficients good, but the weather is calm and bright so there is very little water movement to make visibility difficult. Daniel invited Nick to go fishing for razor clams. There are healthy beds of Ensis arcuatus on the sand flats either side of the jetty at St Vaast La Hougue.

You never know how you will fare.  It partly depends on the extent of the ebb on a particular day but also the razor clam population seems to shift position in relation to the littoral and sublittoral.  On this occasion pickings were a bit lean and Daniel is a master of this craft so he always fishes more clams but Nick did come back with a nice mixed bag of molluscs with which I was able to present a platter of grilled razors and a risotto dressed with a motley assortment of molluscs.



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