A Social Week

During the week after our family jamboree I caught up with several friends before our departure for France at the beginning of March.  Nick and I ate supper with Stuart and Angela, a delicious curry evening catered for by Stuart.  Midweek found me driving to Surrey where I had a dentist appointment (Bo and Ben are sort of friends!), a lunch date with my ‘twin’ Charles at The Squirrel and an afternoon tea session with my long-standing Book Group friends.  Based at Pep Road I was also able to catch up with some of my very important people 🙂

On Friday I picked Mum up from Weymouth and we drove out to Maddy’s for a cup of tea.  There Mum was able to meet Bertie for the first time and she thoroughly enjoyed making a fuss of Flossie, Teddy, the guinea pigs and hens and also Jiminy, the tiny South American rainforest owl, whose thinly disguised tolerance and disdain at being stroked were evident!

On Saturday evening I went to see Monument Men with Celia C.  Despite favourable comments from some, I found the film something of a disappointment because in my opinion the subject of the film had been treated with far too light a touch.  Coming out of the weekend we readied the house and ourselves for a bumpy crossing to la belle France.


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