Yet Another Birthday ……….. for Notre Grande Dame Speciale

Four score years and ten, that is going some and needs to celebrate.  My dear mother has reached this milestone and whilst some faculties may not be as finely honed as once they were, she remains her contented and charming self.  We all love her and were able to celebrate one Sunday lunchtime recently.  Nearly all her descendants and respective in-laws gathered at a hotel in a seaside town with its own small swimming pool, the latter amenity being a godsend for the numerous members of the youngest generation – 16 of them!

We gathered in the bar whilst we awaited the matriarch’s arrival.  We were all assembled when she arrived with Liz and she was hugely fussed over.  We went through to our small suite where we enjoyed a roast dinner with a fizz to toast and a happy cake moment later in the afternoon. For Nick no family gathering would be complete without an impromptu ‘bottle-walking’ competition!   After lunch the adults adjourned to the bar with a pool-viewing seating area where we could enjoy the aquatic frolics of our collective young.

With so much going on my photographic moments were somewhat erratic.  I had to scuttle round the bar taking a random set of photos.  I also forgot to photograph the cake and the lovely muffins that Chris made.  But the following gallery captures the spirit of the day, starting with breakfast at WK!


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