The morning of my birthday dawned.  This was to be our last full day in Connemara, however we picked up a message from Irish Ferries to say that our Tuesday crossing was cancelled owing to sea conditions that would be the same as those during which we travelled to Ireland.  We needed to stay two further days in Ireland.  Geraldine was happy for us to stay over, which would effectively complete the week and we searched for a destination with B&B midway across Ireland.  In the end we chose Cashel, which is actually much nearer Rosslare.

We ate a good Irish breakfast during which we were blessed with a view of a rainbow.


After staring at the maps we decided to drive a bit further afield, so we headed southwest for Finish Island.  Here we found the extensive sands and rock outcrop in much the same state as the other beaches we have visited.  Some minor sea defences and the faces of turfed sand dunes which back the shore had been truncated by the waves.  Three men with an excavator  were replacing the large stone blocks.  Sand had been swept over beds of seaweed over the shore.  More floats were found.  After a good dose of wind and intermittent drizzle we retreated to our burrow and made a peat fire.  Champagne was served, together with crackers and foie gras and a handful of cockles we had collected at Finish.  Anne and Francois gave me a pretty jug that I had admired at the Roundstone pottery.

After, we drove into Roundstone to O’Dowds for a birthday supper.


We were seated at the only small table in the cosy nook by the fire where we ate seafood with glasses of Guinness and afterwards I tried my first ever Irish coffee.  Special friends, happy memories 🙂



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