An Appointment with Gifty

After one or two fruitless attempts we finally made contact with the owners of the Musical Instrument Workshop in Roundstone.  Gifty, the wife of Malachy Kearns, who lives in Clifden would need to make a special journey into Roundstone to open up the workshop.  Our musical friend Anne was keen to look at the Irish bodhrán and possibly buy one.  The bodhran is an Irish frame drum with a goatskin tacked to one side and the other side is open-ended for one hand to be placed against the inside of the drum head to control the pitch and timbre.

We arrived to a warm welcome and allowed Gifty to talk us through the various bodhrans on display.  The various models range between those that are made for the tourist market and instruments which are made for professionals.  We spent some time looking at the bodhrans on display and tinkered with them.  Anne and Nick found the wrist technique necessary to beat out a rhythm more easy than I did.

With persistence and a bit of tuition they could play more confidently and both decided to buy an instrument of their own.  Once they had settled on their choices they left bodhrans in the shop so they could be signed by Malachy Kearns.



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