Arrival at Island Cottage

After a handsome Irish breakfast we leave the Kilkenny area and head for the west coast. Our chosen route takes us via Portumna where we find a bar that will serve us coffee and a butcher where we can buy something for our supper. We eventually arrive in Galway, the gate to Connemara and take the north route via Oughterad. We drive along roads with uninterrupted views across to the scenic craggy mountains, expanses of bogs, heaths and grassland, the low-lying land with its laced network of lakes .   Francois takes innumerable photos of vistas from all angles.  (At the end of our holiday he will have an album of stunning shots.)

Connemara is one of the most scenic regions in Ireland. Situated in the heart of the West of Ireland, Connemara National Park covers some 2,000 hectares. Dominated by the majestic Twelve Bens mountain range, (Na Beanna Beola) and fringed by the deeply indented Atlantic coastline with its expansive sandy beaches, innumerable creeks, bays and little harbours, it is one of Ireland’s most popular and memorable touring areas, enjoyed for its peaceful solitude and rugged beauty which exemplifies The West of Ireland.

We arrive at Island Cottage to be welcomed by Geraldine who owns three properties on her plot and lives in the one adjacent to ours.  Since Nick and I last stayed there Geraldine has acquired a flock of hens who live a charmed life to judge from the time and attention they receive.  Our breakfast eggs taste wonderful.

Anne and Francois are absolutely delighted with the cottage and the situation, this is clear.  Everything is auguring well for a good week.



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