A Fleeting Visit to my Former Territory

Hotfoot from France I raced up to Godalming the following day to meet up with my hairdresser, Cat, for a much-needed coiffure.  At the same time I caught up with the Perrymans, re-borrowed Charlotte’s lovely dress and called in on Mary Wondrausch to deliver a gift from her French friend, Monique, who lives in Morsalines which is just down the road from St Vaast.  I bought another of Mary’s collage paintings to add to the pair we now hang in France.  This time I was invited to coffee by her oh so cosy fireside in the small parlour of her house at Brickfields.  I had managed to persuade her to allow me to take a photo of her for Monique but in reality Mary really dislikes photos and would much prefer that people look and capture with their minds.  So she was not happy about my taking any interior photos.  Happily I have a copy of her book entitled ‘Brickfields’ which is richly illustrated with photos of her home, workshop, pottery and paintings.  I will be meeting her again soon when an exhibition of her work opens at the Watts Gallery in Compton.


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